Medium Voltage Motor Control Assemblies ( Ampgard )
The AMPGARD medium-voltage starter family provides flexibility never before available. Rated at 2200 - 7200 volts, up to 8000 Hp, they are the first starters designed as integrated, complete units precisely matched to motor ratings, and engineered to provide component-to-component circuitry and front accessibility of all components and terminals.

Medium Voltage Starters

AMPGARD starters are used in a variety of industrial process applications where proper control and protection of the motor and system are critical to the user. These applications include:

.Pulp & Paper
.Petro Chemical
.HVAC (chillers)

AMPGARD has been the industry leader in MV Motor Control for over 50 years in these applications and our starters have been designed with that experience behind them.

Medium Voltage Contactor
The Type SL and SJ power contactors were designed and engineered specifically for use in AMPGARD starters. They are self-supporting, compact, drawout (or fixed design) three-pole vacuum contactors.

SL400 Contactor
The SL400 contactor utilizes a Solid State Control board, allowing the user maximum flexibility to change control voltages and drop-out times in the field simply by adjusting dip switch settings. To permit application matching of the starter to the motor rating, the SL400 contactor is available for 2200 through 7200 volts at ratings.

Rated 200 and 400 amperes (the 400 ampere rating is for both open and enclosed applications, further increasing flexibility with the highest rated 400A contactor available)
Contactor interruption ratings of 8500A allowing for higher levels of coordination with power fuses.
Slide out (fixed) and roll-out configurations.

SJ800 Contactor
The SJ800 contactor is also available applicable on systems from 2200 through 7200 volts.

800 ampere contactor
Roll-out design only

Medium Voltage Soft Start
Soft starting is the intelligent choice for your mechanical components. In addition to eliminating mechanical component shock, soft starting also allows you to avoid coupling and shaft damage, prevent rotor and winding failure, and stop drive belt squeal and reakage.

100 to 1500 hp at 2400 volts
200 to 2500 hp at 4160 volts
50/60 Hz
NEMA 1, 1A, 12 and 3R enclosures

The Ampgard IT. Soft Start is designed and built to meet all applicable industry standards, including UL listing as a complete assembly.