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Electric motors are the prime movers in industry today. Intelligent Technologies (IT.) components satisfy all of the feature, performance, and functional requirements for non-reversing and reversing electric motors. Productivity can be maximized and operating costs reduced by properly protecting motors and their controllers. Type 2 Coordination, up to 100kA, ensures the starters won't be damaged by short circuit fault currents. We've developed selectable and programmable motor protective functions that are not available in a "traditional overload relay" and, we've made them cost-effective for each and every motor.
  • Small size, up to 32A, 20HP @ 460V (15kW @ 400V) in a 45mm wide frame size.
  • 24V DC pulse width modulated coil utilizes minimum power, only 3.2W on 32A devices to 5.6W on 200A devices.
Microprocessor-based overload relay with advanced functionality
  • Selectable Trip Class - 10, 20, or 30 without software.
  • Selectable phase loss and current unbalance protection.
  • Selectable manual, automatic, and remote reset.
  • Integral remote reset function can be actuated by an external input device( only 3-5mA).
  • Control circuit is automatically completed during factory or field assembly.
  • Integral solid-state hold-in circuit and overload relay trip circuit - external hold-in not required.
  • Test function verifies performance and functionality of the overload relay.
  • Protective cover can be locked closed, preventing tampering and unauthorized adjustment of overload relay settings.
  • Starter Network Adapter Product (SNAP) module provides status indication and communicates starter and application parameters, as well as diagnostics. SNAP also provides control and extended protective functions.
  • Type 2 Coordination, up to 100kA, with fuses and circuit breakers.
  • NEMA, IEC, UL, CSA, CE, and KEMA approvals.
  • Meets industrial environment EMC emission and immunity requirements.