Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed
Metal-Enclosed Fusible Switches (MVS)
Eaton's Cutler-Hammer MVS Load Interrupter Switchgear is an integrated assembly of switches, bus and fuses, which are coordinated electrically and mechanically for medium voltage circuit protection. All major components are manufactured by Cutler-Hammer, providing a single point of contact and responsibility for the equipment's performance, assuring world-class quality, coordination, reliability and service. Cutler-Hammer's Load Interrupter (MVS) metal-enclosed switchgear provides safe, reliable switching and fault protection for medium voltage circuits rated from 2.4 kV through 38 kV.

MVS switchgear can be applied for many switching duties whether manual, motor operated or automatic operation is specified for, Transformer primary switching, Transformer secondary switching, Power distribution switching, and Medium voltage switchgear primary switching.

Metal-Enclosed Fixed Switch & Breakers
Eaton's Cutler-Hammer assembly designated MEB (Metal-Enclosed Breaker) consists of a single high draw-out vacuum circuit breaker (Type VCP-W) in a metal-enclosed cabinet. This equipment has been designed for applications demanding low cost protection within an environment where a switch, or switch and fuse combination is not suitable. Eaton's MSB switchgear is an integrated assembly of a visible load break disconnect switch, bus, fixed mounted vacuum circuit breaker, and control devices, which are integrated electrically and mechanically for circuit protection. As primary protection for single-ended substations, Eaton's MEB & MSB switchgear can eliminate the need for a secondary main breaker. It can also be applied as the primary main device and integrated with fused feeder switches in a lineup of fused MVS switchgear. Two and three breaker automatic transfer schemes using the IQ Transfer microprocessor controller are also available. Cutler-Hammer Metal-Enclosed Vacuum Breaker (MEB & MSB) switchgear provides economic and reliable circuit switching and fault protection for medium-voltage circuits of 4.76 kV, 15 kV and 27 kV.

MEB is ideal for applications where load interrupter switches should not be applied, such as Ground fault protection, High duty cycle applications, and High-speed automatic transfers.

MEB is also a better engineering alternative than load interrupter switches for applications involving shunt tripping, single-phase protection, capacitor switching, and ground protection. MEB switchgear can also be an economic benefit in single ended substations since it may allow the customer to eliminate the secondary main protection and switching device.

Metal-Enclosed Front-Accessible Switchgear (MEF)
With ratings of 5 and 15kV with 1200 and 2000A breakers, Eaton Electrical's Metal Enclosed Front Accessible switchgear is quite simply the world's most flexible and cost-effective high performance switchgear available. In today's space constrained facilities, packing higher power density into a smaller footprint can be a necessity. In continuing our long-standing tradition of innovating to meet our customer's needs, Eaton's space optimized and agile design offers the industry's highest power density and flexible suite of metal-enclosed switchgear options. Offering a wide variety of configurations, standard drawing packages, intelligent integrated trip units, and zero clearance installation options, Eaton's MEF design can significantly reduce a projects overall cost! Offering space savings of over 50% within a complete package that can be transported using a fork truck or pallet jack, Eaton's MEF design eliminates the need for cranes and additional construction in retrofit applications

Medium Voltage Transfer Switches (MVSTS)
Eaton's Cutler-Hammer Medium Voltage Sub cycle Transfer Switch (MVSTS) was designed for use in medium voltage systems where large commercial and industrial customers have need for seamless transfer of power from one source to another. This will allow sensitive equipment such as computers and motors to ride through an interruption in power without losing critical functions. MVSTS can be an alternative to low voltage UPS systems. Eaton's Cutler-Hammer MVSTS is available from 5 to 38kV.