DSII and DSLII Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers are designed specifically for use in metal-enclosed low voltage switchgear assemblies.

Product Characteristics:
Up to 635 V AC
3 Pole Configuration
Draw-out and Fixed Mountings
200 to 4000 Amps Continuous, (5000 Amps FA)
30kA to 200 kA Interrupting
Short Time Withstand up to 85kA

Customer Benefits:

   100% rating at full continuous current
   Time proven "iron horse" with decades of proven and reliable service

System protection, coordination, and information:
   High withstand ratings for maximum selectivity
   Digitrip Trip Unit Family with microprocessor-based true rms sensing
      Basic to programmable protective settings
      Zone interlocking for improved selectivity
      Metering, Alarm, & Communications

   ANSI, UL, CSA, NEMA, and IEEE Certifications and Approvals
   Current Limiting models to minimize let-thru energy and reduce arc flash
   Closed compartment door construction with dead front metal faceplate provides isolation from high voltage

Maintain, Modify, and Service:
   Rugged metal frame construction
   Full Range of Factory Installed Accessories