Motor Control Centers ( MCC )
Motor Control Centers ( MCC )

Eaton currently produces the following three Cutler-Hammer motor control center (MCC) designs providing quality group motor control for a wide variety of applications. MCCs provide the best method for grouping motor control, associated control and distribution equipment. Eaton's MCCs are specially designed to operate machinery, industrial processes and commercial building systems.

Each MCC type. Freedom MCCs offer the best motor control for traditional electromechanical starter applications. The IT. motor starter brings the highest levels of safety, compact size and intelligence to the electromechanical motor starter industry. IT. MCC's feature 24 Volt DC based motor control and the industry's most space efficient packaged control designs. IT. MCC's are specifically designed to maximize customer uptime, process power quality and reliability. IT. MCC's make installation and maintenance easier than ever before thanks to space efficiency and plug and play connections in each starter unit. Each MCC model utilizes the same .

     - UL Label
     - 65,000 AIC Ratings
     - Series C Circuit Breakers
     - 3200A Maximum Horizontal Bus
     - Labyrinth Barrier System for Bus
     - Pull Apart Latching Terminal Blocks
     - Unit Grounding Clip / Plug in Vertical Ground Bus
     - Front Only or Front and Rear Unit Mounting
     - Solid-State Motor Control
     - Industrial, heavy-duty structure and bus designs

The MCC enclosure consists of a strong and rigid steel channel frame-work assembled into standardized vertical sections and bolted together to form a complete shipping section of up to 80-inch maximum, four structures each. Structures include horizontal and vertical bus, insulation and isolation barriers, horizontal and vertical isolated wiring troughs, cable entrance areas and space for inserting starter and control equipment.

All control units, removable or fixed mounted, are assembled with Cutler-Hammer components with proven safety, quality and reliability. All components are wired in accordance with NEC and UL standards. Specifically designed bus stabs, insertion guides, handle mechanisms and safety interlocks are added to form a standardized plug-in unit which meets the highest safety standards.

Freedom, Advantage, and IT. MCCs may be applied on electrical systems up to 600V, 50 or 60 hertz having available fault currents of up to 100,000A rms. Enclosure designs include NEMA 1A Gasketed, 2, 12 and 3R. An ongoing temperature and short circuit design test program as required by UL 845 ensures a quality product that meets the latest safety codes.

NEMA Classifications
Class I Control Centers
A mechanical grouping of combination motor control, feeder tap and/or other units arranged in a convenient assembly. They include connections from the common horizontal power bus to the units. They do not include interwiring or interlocking between units or to remotely mounted devices, nor do they include control system engineering. Diagrams of the individual units only are supplied.

When master terminal blocks are specified, a sketch showing general location of terminals is provided.

Class II Control Centers
Class II control centers are the same as Class I, but designed to form a complete control system. They include the necessary electrical interlocking and interwiring between units and interlocking provisions to remotely-mounted devices. A suitable diagram illustrating operation of the control associated with the MCC will be provided. When master terminal blocks are specified, the terminal arrangement and required wiring connections are shown on the diagram.

NEMA Types of Wiring
Type A includes no terminal blocks. Combination line starters are factory wired and assembled in the structure in the most efficient arrangement. Auxiliary devices can be supplied, but no wiring external to the unit will be furnished. All feeder circuit breaker or fusible disconnect units are in this classification.

Type B duplicates Type A with the exception that all control wires terminate at blocks on the side or near the bottom of each unit. Load terminals are all conveniently located adjacent to the control terminal blocks on size 1s only. Plug-in type terminal blocks are standard for all control wiring.

Type C utilizes Type B units. Factory wiring of required control wiring and load wiring through sizes 1 and 2 and control wiring only size 3 and larger is extended from the unit terminals to master terminal blocks of each vertical compartment.

Additional Services
Bid Manager
One of the most exciting new tools developed for the MCC product line is the Bid Manager program. Bid Manager is a PC-based equipment configuration program that is capable of providing complete bills of materials, drawings and pricing for IT., Freedom 2100 and MCC aftermarket products. Contact your Eaton sales engineer for additonal information.

Startup Assistance
To ensure complete customer satisfaction and to expedite equipment startup for Motor Control Centers, this service provides a factory-trained representative at the job-site during equipment energization. This service is provided on a fixed price bases. In addition to factory directed startup, the standard equipment warranty is extended for a period of 24 months. This service is especially beneficial when solid-state equipment is incorporated within the MCC due to the flexibility in adjusting solid-state equipment for each application.

Maintenance and Operational Training
A full range of Training and Operational Training programs are available for all types of MCC mounted equipment. IN addition, Preventative Maintenance programs are available to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Seismic Qualification
Seismic testing has been completed on a wide array of products in Freedom and Advantage MCCs. When installation instructions are followed, Freedom and Advantage MCCs can be seismically qualified up to UBC Seismic Zone 4, COCA and CBC. The Freedom and Advantage MCCs are the most tested MCCs available.

Existing installations can often benefit from Life Extension in the form of "new" technology equipment upgrades available in today's MCCs. Eaton offers a full range of retrofit capabilities to allow for upgrading of existing MCC lineups. Examples include vacuum contactors, Intelligent Technology electro-mechanical and reduced voltage solid-state starters, IQ DP4000 solid-state metering, MP3000 and CEP7 solid-state overload protection and much more. Starter retrofit kits are also available. Consult factory for availability