Retrofit and Replacement
Retrofit and Replacement

Eaton provides the widest range of solutions for Low and Medium Voltage Power Circuit Breaker problems of any circuit breaker manufacturer in the world.

Low Voltage Digitrip Retrofit Trip Units
Digitrip RMS trip unit retrofit kits are fully engineered, field installable kits that enable the user to completely replace an existing tripping system. Digitrip RMS trip unit retrofit kits provide true RMS sensing, the most accurate and current state-of-the-art technology for measuring amperage loads. True RMS sensing removes the possibility of false tripping due to harmonic distortion of the power waveform and enables greater accuracy in selective coordination of the power distribution system. The microprocessor-based Digitrip trip unit also allows communications for remote monitoring to a host computer or local Assemblies Electronic Monitor (AEM) via the integrated Monitoring Protection and Control Communications (PowerNet) system. Digitrip Retrofit Trip Units are available for Westinghouse, General Electric, Allis-Chalmers, ITE, Siemens-Allis, Federal Pacific, Roller-Smith, GTE-Sylvania, Federal Pioneer low voltage power breakers.

Low Voltage Power Air Replacement Breakers (AR-Series)
The AR breakers are brand-new air breaker replacements that offer a life-extension solution for 30-50-year-old Low Voltage Power Air Circuit Breakers. They are designed to replace the original air breaker, thereby providing system reliability, technology upgrade, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced operator safety. This solution permits switchgear modernization by using state-of-the-art Eaton Magnum breaker technology. The AR-Series breakers replace several different generations of Federal Pacific, Westinghouse, General Electric, and Allis-Chalmers, and are designed, manufactured and tested to applicable IEEE/ANSI standards.

Low Voltage Vacuum Starter Retrofits (VSR-Series)
Using a breaker as a motor starter can lead to premature aging of the breaker and motor, more frequent maintenance and repairs, unscheduled downtime, and expensive, hard-to-get replacement parts. Eaton has engineered a solution for that problem with the VSR-Series Vacuum Starter Retrofit. The VSR-Series is a self-contained Vacuum Starter Replacement consisting of an Eaton V201 vacuum break contactor, current limiting fuses, and the IQ500 solid state motor protective relay. This rack-in/rack-out solution plugs into existing breaker cubicles with no, or minimal, cell modifications required. The VSR-Series starter replacements are available for Westinghouse, General Electric, and ITE low voltage switchgear.

Medium Voltage Power Vacuum Replacement Breakers (VR-Series)
The VR-Series breakers are brand-new vacuum breaker replacements that are designed to be electrical and mechanical equivalents of the air-magnetic breakers they replace. They solve parts availability problems for old air-magnetic circuit breakers, offer increased interrupting capability, reduce maintenance cost and downtime with reliable vacuum technology, and eliminate the problem of asbestos-filled arc chutes. The VR-Series breakers replace several different generations of Allis-Chalmers, Federal Pacific, General Electric, ITE, McGraw-Edison, and Westinghouse, and are designed, manufactured and tested to applicable IEEE/ANSI standards.

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Power Breaker Class 1 Reconditioning
Class 1 Reconditioning is Eaton's process to help maintain, restore integrity, and extend the life of both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Power Breakers. The process includes the inspection and documentation of the breaker, disassembly to its component level, careful cleaning and inspection, reassembly using the manufacturer's information, operating and testing the breaker to the manufacturer's and ANSI standards, and then tracking each breaker's history in our POW-R-Master database. Low Voltage Power Breakers could also receive a technology upgrade by having a Digitrip Trip Unit Retrofit Kit installed during this process.

Low Voltage Power Breaker Replacement and Breaker Renewal Parts
Newly manufactured DS, DSII, DS Magnum and SPB breakers are available for replacement to fill existing vacant cells. All breakers are newly manufactured and are mechanically and electrically the same as the breakers originally specified and supplied. An extensive inventory of newly manufactured renewal parts for these circuit breakers is also available.

Medium Voltage Power Breaker Replacement and Breaker Renewal Parts
MV-VSRs are newly manufactured breaker-to-vacuum motor starter replacements. They are designed to replace breakers that are used as motor starters. They can be applied at 4.76 kV and can operate motors up to 2500 HP, in most cases. The MV-VSR is fused with CLS type current limiting fuses up to 50 kA. MV-VSR units are available for Westinghouse DH and DHP, GE AM4.16 and ITE 5HK breakers. They are designed and tested to IEEE/ANSI C37.59-2003 and have passive and active interlocking.