Eaton's Cutler-Hammer VCP-WG line of Vacuum Generator breakers were designed and tested to the specific ANSI / IEEE C.37.013 standard. These breakers are designed to handle the rigorous and unique characteristics needed when applied in close proximity to a Generator and Transformer configuration. Ratings of our VCP-WG line include 5 and 15kV, 50, 63 and 75kA, and up to 4000A continuous current with natural convection cooling. Higher current ratings can be achieved with the use of fan cooling packages. Eaton Corporation has dedicated years of research, design, enhancement and testing to create Cutler-Hammer VCP-WG Circuit Breakers that meet, and even exceed, these rigorous service duty requirements of generator circuit application defined by IEEE.

Medium Voltage ANSI Generator Power Circuit Breakers
5/15kv Drawout - VCP-WG
5/15kv Fixed - VCP-WRG

Three position drawout (Disconnect, Test, Connect)
Metal-clad insulation/isolation O - 0.3s - CO - 15s - CO
Two step stored energy mechanism
Spring loaded multi-finger primary cassette disconnects
Silver plated fixed primary cassette stabs
Automatic steel primary safety shutters

Tested and proven to ANSI C37.09