Unitized Power Centers
Unitized Power Centers

Unitized Power Centers combine a MVS primary disconnect switch, a ventilated dry-type transformer, and Pow-R-Line 4 secondary distribution devices in a compact, factory assembled integral unit. These self-contained units provide maximum kVA in minimum space, and their one-piece construction simplifies installation. Other advantages include:

. Front accessibility
. Against-the-wall mounting
. Dimensions consistent with standard doorways
. Liberal space for primary and secondary cables
. Molded case circuit breaker or fusible switch secondary distribution

Benefits, Features and Functions

The Primary Disconnect Switch is a manually operated, two-position, quick-make, quick-break type MVS. Distribution class surge arresters protect the transformer from surge voltages and when specified CX current limiting fuses protect against fault currents. Insulated cable passes through a steel barrier to connect the switch to the transformer.

The Power Transformer is of a ventilated, dry-type, core-form construction. Standard Class 220°C insulation allows normal operation at 150°C temperature rise above a 30°C nominal ambient and a 40°C peak ambient. Core and coil assemblies meet all applicable IEEE/ANSI/NEMA standards.

The Secondary Distribution Sectionconsists of group mounted Series C molded case circuit breakers or FDP-W fusible switches separated from the transformer by steel barriering. Additional vertical sections may be added for additional low voltage distribution.