Eaton's Intelligent Technologies (IT.) Electro-Mechanical line of Contactors and Starters is the result of a substantial engineering, manufacturing, and marketing effort involving extensive customer input, combined with new advances in solid-state technology. IT. Electro-Mechanical products have greatly increased functionality, significantly reduced size, and utilize the benefits of 24 V DC control. The exclusive Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control and digital microprocessor generate a minimized DC value, which reduces energy to the contact block and provides the most compact system available.

Standards & Certifications

     - Standard: Designed to meet or exceed UL, NEMA, and CSA
     - UL Listed: UL File #E1491, Guide #NLDX - Open, UL 508
     - CSA Certified: CSA File #156828, Class #3211 04 Open, C22.2
       No. 14-95
     - CSA Elevator Ratings
     - CE
     - NEMA ICS1, ICS2, ICS5

IT. Contactors
High performance and multiple features make these contactors the industry's finest. Low power coils, voltage loss ride-through, integrated control circuit wiring, and long life (up to 10 million mechanical operations) - all in the most compact, modular, and easy-to-install package available.

Small Size - IT. contactors are the smallest on the market today, requiring as little as 56% of the panel area of equally rated devices. Build smaller machines and equipment by building smaller control panels. They weigh less too, as little as 22% of equally rated devices, so shipping costs are less.

Safety and Low Power with 24 V DC Control - Sealed coil power is as little as 20% of typical devices, enabling smaller power supplies. Reduce energy consumption and minimize heat generation in the control panel. Eliminate or reduce the need for ventilation and cooling.

Easy-to-Wire - Even though they're small, wiring is still easy. Terminals are clearly marked with NEMA symbols. Terminal screws for terminals accepting 10 AWG (4 mm2) and larger conductors feature hex key heads. Contactors feature back-out, self-lifting pressure plates or box lug pressure type terminals.

Maximum Flexibility - Field installable accessories and field or factory assembled contactors maximize inventory flexibility and enable customization.

IT. Starters and Assemblies
Easy-to-Install Compact Devices
Electric motors are the prime movers in industry today, and these factory-assembled components satisfy all of the feature, performance, and functional requirements for non-reversing and reversing electric motors. Productivity can be maximized and operating costs reduced by properly protecting motors and their controllers. Type II coordination up to 100 kA ensures the starters won't be damaged by short circuit fault currents. We've not only created selectable and programmable motor protective devices that are available in a "traditional overload relay," but we've also made them cost-effective for each and every motor.

LED Status Indication and Diagnostics

Flashing LED provides application parameters, diagnostics, and device settings to simplify troubleshooting, maintenance, and improve application and process management.

Fault indication (Power initialized, test, Thermal Memory, overload trip, phase loss/phase current unbalance, ready for reset)

Settings (Trip Class, phase loss/phase current unbalance enabled or disabled)

Application parameters (thermal memory)

Phase Loss Protection

Single-phase conditions are the leading cause of motor damage. IT. overload relays trip within 10 seconds of phase loss, compared to 40 seconds or more for typical bi-metallic overload relays.

Low Power Consumption and Low Heat Generation

IT. overload relays actually measure current. And, unlike traditional bi-metallic overload relays they measure without duplicating motor temperature.

IT. overload relays generate only 200 mW of heat compared to 6 W for typical bi-metallic overload relays.

Reduce energy consumption and minimize heat generation in the control panel. Eliminate the need for ventilation and cooling.

Control inputs require only 3-5 mA for a PLC or standard control.

Wide FLC Adjustment Range
Each IT. overload relay can be adjusted over a range of 3.2:1. Inventory is minimized, and FLC can be set for motors with varying FLAs and Service Factors.