SVX 9000 General Purpose
SVX 9000 General Purpose

Compact, modular solution to variable speed applications.

At the core of the SVX9000 is sensorless vector control technology coupled with an adaptive motor model and sophisticated ASIC circuit features. The motor flux model is based on measurements of all three output currents and the voltage as given by the ASIC circuit. The model automatically identifies motor parameters for both the sensorless vector mode and the U/f mode, keeping track of changes in the parameters over time. The vector control is carried out in a system of stator flux coordinates, which is immune to small variations in measurements and motor parameters.

Sensorless Control Performance
The sophisticated sensorless flux vector control achieves the dynamic precision of closed loop motor control over most of the speed range:

- Steady state speed error: < 0.5%
- Torque rise time: < 10 ms
- Low ripple in the torque
- High immunity to resonance vibrations
- High starting torque: 200% (depends on motor/drive sizing)
- High starting current: 2.0 x IH
- Suitable for multi-motor drive systems
- High-speed applications, max output frequency 7200 Hz (with special application)