It was quite usual have web breakes 5-6 times a day whereas through the use of state of the art techonology it is now possible to work without any breakes 3-4 days.

With microprocessor motor drives 0,01% speed accuracy can be achieved.Also it is now possible to program the drives from a menu and they offer high reliability because of their network architecture.

The reflection of these technical advancement to the paper industry:

a)Uninterrupted production which means INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY,

b)By using recipes loaded in the main computer very quick adaptation to different paper thickness and quality,

c)Continued production in case of short term energy fluctuations,

d)Since the linear speed of the paper remains very stable the thickness and humidity are perfect.

Through the use of General Electrıc AC vector drives energy saving and minimum maintenance costs are achieved.

Instead of shaft transmission and belt variators individual drives offer capacity increase up to 30%.